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Visit of the European Roma Union (ERU) representatives to the Council of Europe

Strasbour- On monday, 4 February 2013, a delegation of the European Roma Union (ERU) will hold a visit to the Council of Europe. The delegation inludes the vice president Jožek Horvat Muc, the Secretary General Dragoljub Acković and members Stanko Baranja, Fatmir Bečir, Slavko Cener in Orhan Galjus.

The delegation will, among others, meet with Ambassador Damjan Bergant, Permanent Representative of Slovenia to the Council of Europe. 

They will hold talks with Jeroen Schokkenbroek, the Special Representative of the Secretary General for Roma issues. They will meet with the representatives of the Council of Europe's European Alliance of Cities and Regions for Roma Inclusion, Ad hoc Committee of Experts on Roma Issues (CAHROM), Community of Roma women, youth and children and the joint Roma mediators programme (ROMED). 

The delegation will also meet with the Secretary General of the European Roma and Travellers Forum (ERTF) and the representative of the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights. 

Roma activists from thirteen countries established the European Roma Union, located in Murska Sobota, Slovenia. As an international non-governmental organization the Union seeks to ensure the protection of rights of the Roma people and improving the situation of Roma in Europe.