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GRECO’s Fourth Evaluation Round in respect of Slovenia

Strasbourg – The Council of Europe Anti-Corruption Group (GRECO) has adopted its Fourth Evaluation Round in respect of Slovenia, which is now available to the interested public.

In the report GRECO acknowledges that Slovenia has improved the integrity rules for Members of Parliament, judges and prosecutors. Nevertheless, it stresses that much remains to be done to educate them about integrity and conflicts of interest, and to ensure a better implementation of the corruption prevention legal framework. GRECO points out the need to establish a set of rules of conduct, accompanied by a mechanism of supervision and sanction for misconduct.

GRECO also calls for a reinforcement of the role of the governing bodies of the judiciary and the prosecution service in developing integrity and managing corruption risks.

The implementation of the 19 recommendations addressed to Slovenia will be assessed by GRECO in the second half of 2014.

The report is available here.