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Celebrating the 29th Anniversary of Slovenia's Statehood Day

Over the next seven days, to mark the 29th anniversary of Slovenia’s Statehood day, we would like to share with you some videos illustrating Slovenia’s rich culture. The 25th of June is a national holiday of the Republic of Slovenia. The Republic of Slovenia gained its independence 29 years ago, based on the values ​​and principles of democracy, human rights and the rule of law, which are also the three main pillars of the Council of Europe. Let the motto of the campaign, creativity and art, also be an important lever and a key element in the reconstruction and exit from the current health crisis.  


St. John’s Eve is a poem by Josip Murn Aleksandrov, a poet of the Slovenian Moderna, relating modern spirit to the ancient, almost ritual tradition in the mystical time of midsummer night. The poem begins with the stars lighting in the sky and fireflies rising into the summer night – a simple, yet powerful impression that evokes deep emotions even in modern readers. Softly trickling streams and swaying bracken weave wreaths of almost dream-like images, which the poet intertwined with rhyme and repetition of the “into the summer night” refrain. 

Like the original poem, this musical rendering revives the ancient customs, folk beliefs and nature at the summer solstice in a fresh and modern way.  

Under the artistic leadership of the accordion player and composer Janez Dovč, the musical ensemble Sounds of Slovenia brings to life the Slovenian folk tradition in vivid new arrangements.


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